Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Trip To Great Basin National Park

Over Labor Day, we drove to
Great Basin National Park in Nevada.
We spent the night on Sunday
and started our Labor Day with
a hike through the Bristlecone Pine Forest,
where some of
the oldest trees in the world are located.

This was one of the nicest ones we saw.
Some of the trees are about 5,000 years old!

Later that morning,
we had a tour of Lehman Caves.
I like caves and have wanted to go
through this one for a while.
Here are pictures of several
formations inside the cave:

This formation is the most famous.
It is called "The Parachute".

On our way home, we made two stops:
We visited the locally famous
Parowan Gap and
saw the petroglyphs,
and we visited Frisco,
a ghost town just west of Milford, UT.
It had a small grave yard
with several graves of children.
These charcoal ovens still stand in the town,
but most of the buildings are off limits and
are gated off with no trespassing signs.


Jen said...

Awesome pictures...I love all the new posts!

Tara said...

The cave pictures are really cool. I'll have to go there sometime. It was so unlike you guys to just pick up and go on a trip like that! So impulsive.

J.S. Lewis said...

These places are spectacular! I hope that I can travel there someday. We live in such an amazing area!