Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Family Day at Thanksgiving Point

On August 24th, we visited Thanksgiving Point on $2 Tuesdays. It was packed.
Our first stop was Noah's Ark which was a play pool for the little ones.
We didn't expect this and of course Sophie and Mya didn't waste any time
getting in the water. You can see Mya in the background, after she pulled off
her jeans. Sophie thoroughly splashed her dress by stomping in the water.
And all of this before we had a chance to take some family pictures.

We made our way to the gardens and took this picture in front of the waterfalls,
just PaPa, Grandmother and our granddaughters.
Mandy is so photogenic with her girls.
Tara and Sophie smile so pretty for the camera.
Now referred to as the Original Lewis 5,
we had this photo taken in front of the waterfalls
by Jared's friend, Nancy.
After the gardens we had lunch and then visited the petting farm.
Jared offered a kiss to an alpaca and afterwards (he or she?) spat on him.
Oh, if I only had that picture!
Because the farm was so packed with people, we waited almost an hour for
Mya to have a pony ride. She loved it.
But, when it was over and she had to get off, she was so upset.
She cried for a long time.
Mandy and Roger, she needs her own pony I guess!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday For Two

On Sunday, August 22nd, we celebrated Mandy and Jared's birthdays at Tara and Bryson's home. We had dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert. They opened gifts and we had a grand time together.

Mandy turned 26 and Jared is now 22!