Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Friends Weekend 2010

On the night of September 16th,
our friends
(Bob and Leslie Perry and Dee and Roxanne Williams)
arrived at our home in Kayenta for our annual Friends Weekend.
We have been friends with these two couples since we were
young parents. We determined we met in 1984, so for 26 years!

On Friday, the 17th, we began our day after breakfast
with a hike to Kanarra Creek Trail.
This was a beautiful hike that reminded us of the Narrows.

Once we hit the water, our feet were "dang cold!"
Mine were numb for most of the hike afterwards.
I kept thinking of how cold
Mandy, Roger and Scott's must have been
back in April of 2009
when they went on this hike during
the winter snow run-off.
Were they crazy?
I shudder to think of it!

Later that night, we had dinner at Anazai Steakhouse.
We cooked our entrees on
hot rocks heated to 700 degrees!
It was a fun experience and our group had
never enjoyed a meal like that before!

After dinner, we saw Disney's Tarzan
at Tuacahn outdoor theatre.
The next day was more of a leisurely one.
Tennis, ping pong, BYU football, yummy meals,
pedicures for the gals, and a game of
"The Word on the Street"
occupied our time.

On Sunday morning, we went our separate ways
with yet another
successful friend's weekend behind us.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Trip To Great Basin National Park

Over Labor Day, we drove to
Great Basin National Park in Nevada.
We spent the night on Sunday
and started our Labor Day with
a hike through the Bristlecone Pine Forest,
where some of
the oldest trees in the world are located.

This was one of the nicest ones we saw.
Some of the trees are about 5,000 years old!

Later that morning,
we had a tour of Lehman Caves.
I like caves and have wanted to go
through this one for a while.
Here are pictures of several
formations inside the cave:

This formation is the most famous.
It is called "The Parachute".

On our way home, we made two stops:
We visited the locally famous
Parowan Gap and
saw the petroglyphs,
and we visited Frisco,
a ghost town just west of Milford, UT.
It had a small grave yard
with several graves of children.
These charcoal ovens still stand in the town,
but most of the buildings are off limits and
are gated off with no trespassing signs.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The "Best Of" Summer Pictures Not Already Posted

So, what if I did steal a few of these pictures from my daughter's blogs...
I'm the grandmother and I say it's ok!
Good Grief!
Mya certainly looks older than 2 in this picture.
Those blue eyes are a
reoccurring theme in my blogging.
But that's ok because we all love 'em!
This photo was from the Kearl's visit in July.
Sophie loved the pool!
I don't know what Sophie is so surprised at,
but I love the expression on her face!
This picture reminds me of Tara,
except I think Sophie is
"The Fairest of Them All."
I love this photos of Sophie
giving a love to Savannah-
a cute candid shot!
Savannah is starting to loose some of her baby fat
as she is now crawling all over the place,
but she still looks like a chunk in this cute photo.
I guess I'm prejudiced, but I just can't enough of
all three of my blue-eyed beauties!

I love you Mya, Sophie and Savannah!