Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photo Shoot For Three Little Kid-lets

Mandy put a beautiful book together for me
for Mother's Day.
I love it! I wish I could show you every page of it.
Looking at this picture, you may think,
"Oh, how sweet..."
Sometimes, however,
things are not always as they seem...

One of the more humorous layouts
has to be these photos of my three granddaughters.
You can totally understand the time
Mandy must have had trying
to get them to pose for the pictures.
It was so funny, I had to include a post about it.
Bless Mya's heart for trying to keep Sophie in place.

And if you find yourself at my home,
take a minute and look at the book.
It is one of my most beloved gifts...ever!


mandy said...

I'm so happy that gift was one of your most prized possessions. it was so fun to make and I knew you would love it!

Bryson and Tara said...

I love that second to last picture. I don't remember seeing it before...

We enjoyed helping Mandy make the book for you. She's so talented.