Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tribute to My Mom

My sweet mother, Lucille Honeycutt,
passed away on January 25th.
Her funeral was January 27th.
This blog post is a tribute to her!

This is the earliest picture I have of my mother.
She was 17 years old.
I always thought my mom was very beautiful.
She had a hard life, but she was funny, quick witted
and a true friend to many!
In the above photo, she looks a little like Drew Barrymore to me!
Mom and her four kids back in 1973
Robbie and I love this photo of mom. Mom loved to wear wigs
so she always had an instant hairdo she could grab at any moment.
This was mom's makeover photo right after she turned 70.
No wig in this picture!
I love this photo of mom with her three Utah Grandsons.
Everyone was happy this day- Thanksgiving 2004.
Mom and my sister Cindy-who died in 2007
My mom and brother, Curtis, who also died in 2007
My sister Robbie and Mom in March 2009
Robbie and I at Mom's 80th Birthday Party, July 2009
Mom, we love you, miss you, but know we will see you again.


Bryson and Tara said...

That's a beautiful tribute. I love those early pics of Granny.

Kayleen said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Mothers really are a gift to the world, and they give us the greatest gift of all. She was lovely!

mandy said...

So good! I remember everytime granny came out to see us when I was young....her hair was always a new color, she had long fingernails, and her legs looked like a 20 year olds!! And she had one heck of a laugh.