Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy 8Oth Birthday To Granny!

I have just returned home from my mother's 80th Birthday Celebration. Mom had been diagnosed with pneumonia earlier in the week, so we were keeping our hopes up that she would improve enough to have the celebration and she did! Here are some photos from our celebration:
Tara and Sophie were able to go with us and this is our first 4 generation photo of the 4 of us:

This is Granny with all of the Great Grand kids that were there- we were only missing Mya! :-(

Here is Granny and her immediate family that was there. Pictured behind me, Tara and Sophie are Robbie and her family: Her husband Richard, Dale and Que Brown and their daughter, Nevaeh and son Aidan, Jeremy Brown and his son, Connor.

Lastly, I took a DVD with us for Granny that contained good wishes from her family members, who couldn't come: Scott, Mandy, Roger, Mya, Bryson, Cory and Tyler. It also included a special guest appearance by Elder Jared Lewis from Taiwan. Here is his video tribute:


Tara said...

I so love that video of Jared. It makes me laugh! Thanks again for a great trip, Mom. It was wonderful to see you, Granny, and everyone else. Love you!

Mandy and Roger Woodhouse said...

Granny looks great!!! Looks like a fun party and another successful trip to Georgia. Granny is like an ox-- she always pulls through her sicknesses so fast. Happy 80th granny!!!!!

Jen said...

Glad you left a post on my's such a great way to stay in touch with people. Looks like you guys are doing well!